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What is SteriTouch® Coating?

SteriTouch® is an Antimicrobial & Antibacterial light grey powder coat applied to our wire shelving range. Protecting yourself, products and patients against bacteria, algae and mould has never been easier. The antimicrobial properties of ionic silver will work continuously for the lifetime of the coating to deliver protection against infection-causing bacteria such as MRSA, E.Coli and Salmonella.

Sterimesh™ Wire Shelving Protected by SteriTouch® is ideally suited to clinical & surgical areas within a hospital including: CSSD, Operating Theatres, Sterile storage area, Surgical ward stores & clean utilities.

Sterimesh™ Wire Shelving is ideally suited to most areas within a hospital including: Store rooms, CSSD, Operating Theatres, Sterile storage area, Emergency department, Laboratories and research units, Wards and recovery units, Outpatient clinics, Anaesthetics & ICU.

Chrome Wire Compactus Unit for Consumables Storage at Hospital

Sterimesh™ Mobile Shelving Systems or Compactus Units allow maximum use if the existing area & are customised to suit your products & storage requirements. They can made up of any of the static bay sizes; along with the addition of ball-bearing heavy duty castors; aluminium overhead tracking system & directional handles to ensure streamlined movement of each mobile bay.

sterimesh wire basket

Sterimesh™ Wire Baskets are manufactured with high quality wire, which ensures a quality and durable system. Dust and lint falls through the wire to keep products clean and dust free, reducing the need for constant cleaning.

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