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New Warehouse Storage Solutions for Rural Store McGregor Gourlay - Grafton NSW


We began working with Phillip Nelson, Store Manager for McGregor Gourlay Grafton, as he was readying to move into a new warehouse. His main concern was how to lay out his new warehouse to best store his stock for efficiency and growth. He had already outgrown the space in his old warehouse, and he wanted to ensure he wouldn’t have a similar problem at his new location. He knew he wanted more room for growth, but he also wanted to fit all of his current items within the new space effectively, while maintaining a high level of safety and compliance.

Phillip commissioned Storeplan to manage the layout, focusing on safety and accessibility. Communications commenced with the builder to obtain building plans. We then suggested how to effectively and compliantly fit out the new facility to achieve the greatest number of pallet spaces and create a practical showroom.

Solutions Installed

Pallet Racking & Dangerous Goods (DG) Cages – 50 x bays ( including custom DG lockable cage set-up) constructed to store and access large palletised bulk inventory. All bays 4800H with minimum 3 beam levels per bay and capacity of 3000kg per level UDL. Racking protection and SWL signage included.

Gondola Shelving – 30 bays, providing an aesthetically pleasing showroom for an easily accessible retail area. A custom height solution was provided to ensure bays were set underneath the windows.

Verge Handrail System – supplied & installed to help keep pedestrians safe by segregating the ‘forklift traffic area’ from public walkways.


The new warehouse design was carefully crafted to achieve relevant safety and compliant standards. The plan also maximised the space utilisation of their new facility by strategically storing high volume items in locations where they could be easily accessed. This allowed for reduced picking time and further efficient access to inventory.

Phillip and his team were pleased with the results of their recent move to their new facility, so much so that they had no problems moving in and successfully getting back to work. The company, which specialises in rural merchandise and servicing Australian agricultural businesses, with our help, were able to increase its efficiency, safety, and growth plans for the future of their store.

Turn-Key Solutions Available

It is essential to connect with a company that understands your industry. Storeplan has collaborated with numerous electrical wholesalers and understand the unique storage requirements within the industry.
We can provide a complete warehouse fit-out solution based on the needs of your specific facility, that are compliant with the policies and safety regulations of the group.


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