Pallet Racking Supported Mezzanine

Rack Supported Mezzanine Floors
Storeplan’s Raised Storage Platforms / Mezzanine Floor on pallet racking creates additional space using standard racking components which have been designed and engineered for absolute safety and maximum use of space.
A racking supported mezzanine floor / raised storage platform can be utilised to include shelving underneath, or freestanding shelving can be located between the upright frames. A rack based floor can be easily added to or reconfigured, and allows you the flexibility of adding additional shelf levels or larger floor space as your business expands, or your storage needs change.
The advantages of a Storeplan Mezzanine Floor / Raised Storage Platform on pallet racking:

• Increased storage space (utilise air space)
• Increased productivity
• Designed for strength & durability
• Custom designed to suit your exact requirements
• Long-term asset – can be relocated at any time