Medidrawer Pharmacy Shelving

The M25 Medidrawer system is a pull-out drawer used as a stocking device for drugs. With flexible dividers, the Medidrawer is a space saving necessity in pharmacies and within clean utility rooms in hospitals.  The pull-out design simplifies the task of stock rotation ensuring older stock is used first (FIFO). Each drawer can be mounted at any height, and can be removed or adjusted at any time. The system is 100% metal – built to last.

  • Available in 610mm & 1000mm Wide units
  • 300mm or 400mm Deep (other depths available on request)


  • Load rated to 15kg (33pounds)
  • Lock in & lock out feature
  • Can be horizontal or inclined at 15`
  • Vertical dividers can be placed anywhere at 48mm increments
  • Horizontal dividers can be placed anywhere at 10mm increments