Gondola Display Shelving

Do you want your showroom to impress your customers, as well as maximize the appeal of your merchandise?

Whether you’re setting up or refurbishing your workplace, having the right display shelving and accessories can make the world of difference to the appearance and the functionality of your business. When creating a new look for your showroom you can rely on Storeplan to provide a high quality, aesthetically pleasing storage and display shelving system tailored to your business vision.

Our gondola display shelving is easy to install, affordable, tough & sturdy enough to withstand everyday use and allows you the flexibility of adding more bays as your business grows.

Standard Heights: Standard Depths: Standard Widths:
1200, 1500, 1800, 2100mm 300, 350, 400, 450mm 600, 900, 1200mm


Storeplan’s Gondola Display Shelving is available in:

  • Double or single sided
  • Available in Black & White (custom colours available on request)
  • Static & mobile units
  • Heavy duty or economy version
  • Pegboard, slatwall or mesh backing
  • Large range of accessories