Accessories for Raised Storage Platforms

Storeplan has the complete range of accessories to make your Raised Storage Platform safe and maximise its workability. Each of the different floor types has a range of accessories including:


The Roll-Over gate is the perfect solution for providing a high level of protection to your staff whilst also allowing fork truck loading access to raised storage platform/mezzanine floor. They are permanently anchored at the loading edge and providing protection from the fall edge at all times. The gate works on the principle of providing hand, knee and kick rails to either side of the pallet load by simply swinging the evenly balanced gate over the top of the load protecting persons from the fall edge, which eliminates the risk of fall injury.


  • Up-and-over motion
  • Space efficient
  • Strong and durable design
  • Never leaves an exposed edge as a fall hazard.



A Sliding Access Gate is designed to allow fork truck easy access to your raised storage platform or mezzanine floor. The gate easily slides back within itself to allow the placement of a pallet or product on the mezzanine with your fork truck.



Storeplan offer several options for handrail systems that can be installed almost anywhere and in all kinds of environments. When applied to the exposed faces on Storeplan raised storage platforms/ mezzanine floors, an OH&S-compliant kick rail is fitted at base plate level.

Depending on your individual requirements, you can choose from including standard ball tube, vertical bar rail and rail-and-mesh panel, pallet racking or shelving handrail as per of a rack-supported mezzanine floor.

All our handrail systems combine durability and adaptability, enabling use in a wide variety of applications.


  • Constructed from solid steel
  • Fully galvanised design
  • Provides maximum strength
  • Cost efficient
  • Longevity



Storeplan raised storage platforms/mezzanine floor staircases are made of steel fabricated stringers with the option of checker plate or grid mesh treads.

All external staircases are hot dipped galvanized finish with powder coating as an option. Internal staircases are grit blasted and painted unless you tell us otherwise.

The Storeplan project team offers a complete measure, design and installation service for all of your staircase requirements, with one of our trained representative ready to make a free on-site visit at any stage. Safety compliance is vital the design of an access staircase and each Storeplan representative makes sure this is carefully factored into every situation.



Storeplan helps you to have easy access to elevated areas such as roof tops, ceiling spaces and maintenance platforms. We offer multiple options including vertical line ladders, caged angle ladders, retractable stanchion ladders, fold down attic type ladders and more.

Ideal for:

  • Freight terminals
  • Food processing factories
  • Timber mills
  • Wineries
  • Production lines


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