• Narrabri Coal Longspan supported Mezzanine Floor

Coal Mine – North West NSW

Storeplan has spent almost 10 years servicing this large coal mine in North-West NSW & building long-standing relationships with its people. Below is an overview of main products used:

RUT shelving – Situated on top of the Longspan supported Mezzanine floor, this warehouse shelving system was used for small to medium parts and miscellaneous items. The system has shelf capacities of up to 100kg per shelf.

Longspan supported mezzanine – The mezzanine was installed to increased storage space utilise spare air space. It was fitted with a pallet roll over gate enabling workers to easily stock the RUT shelving installed on top of the mezzanine floor.

Longspan shelving – This shelving is rated at 500kg per level and is suited to many applications. The shelving can also be fitted with mesh or steel shelves allowing maximum air flow and a steel security cage for to prevent theft or for high security items

A frame racking – This system was utilised to store tools like spades and digging equipment. Tools that are used often are therefore easily accessible. A great idea for a warehouse racking system for odd shaped items.

Super 123 shelving –  Excellent system for small parts such as bolts and pipe fittings that can be sectioned off with dividers enabling working to easily locate the parts required.

Industrial pallet racking – this standard Industrial Racking System provides 100% selective storage up to 12.8m in height, utilising valuable air space.

Narrabri Coal Longspan supported Mezzanine Floor