Mezzanine Floor Storage Solutions

Leading providers of mezzanine floor systems, delivering excellence and customisation to clients nationwide.


In an industry where trust is often founded through experience, we strive to become an easily-accessible team with will and passion to make it happen for you – the way you want it.
We place value on being an open-minded company whilst adding value to our clients through personalised, yet supportive advice.


We are constantly founding and nurturing strong human relationships in all dealings. Personalised Solutions are created by discovering our customers ideal solution and injecting this with our access to the latest in advice and industry standards.
Too often, those of us in the business world set aside a foundational principal ‘People love dealing with people’


Care and guidance are paramount in today’s world to both forge and build lasting relationships.
Projects can be frustrating, time-consuming and sometimes seem overwhelming. We know the client doesn’t need to experience this – Storeplan offers care and attention to detail on another level.

The Perfect Solution

Storeplan warehouse mezzanine floors are the perfect solution for businesses that need more space. These systems offer a faster and more cost-efficient alternative to building storage extensions or moving to a new warehouse. Providing warehouses with an additional floor level, mezzanine floors allow for the ground floor to be maximised for operations, improving efficiency and productivity. With a team of dedicated project managers, we ensure fast and orderly project completion to minimise business disruption.

R3000 Supported Mezzanine

The R3000 Shelving supported Mezzanine is a highly versatile, multi-tier complex modular storage system that is easily adjusted or adapted to specific client needs. Designed to suit clients seeking to store a huge range of parts in a high-density format without restricting lighting and ventilation.

Longspan Supported Mezzanine

Ideal for clients dealing with mining equipment and small parts such as electrical components and automotive spares. Designed for strength and durability, this system is a long-term asset.

Pallet Racking Supported Mezzanine

The pallet racking’s flexibility allows for the easy addition of shelves or reconfiguration of the whole system. Designed by qualified engineers who have expansive knowledge on live loading, the structures meet building code standards.

Structural Mezzanine Floor

These free-standing structures suit the most demanding applications, come with engineer’s certifications and can be easily relocated. We build the structural mezzanine floors to our clients’ requirements and allow them to choose from a selection of flooring materials and accessory options.

Tailored Warehouse Storage Solutions and Hands-On Service

Since 1990, Storeplan has built a reputation as a distributor of high-quality storage systems and personalised customer care. We take pride in being one of Australia’s leading providers for industrial storage systems, offering advice to clients nationwide. Providing clients with comprehensive solutions, our warehouse storage systems have helped countless businesses improve their storage capacity and space efficiency, boosting their productivity.

What our clients have to say

“I was very impressed with the quality of Storeplan’s racking and the professional way in which it was installed. Their assistance with planning our warehouse was also invaluable. The racking design & installation has streamlined our internal efficiencies, maximised our available space and made our warehouse a much more pleasant place to work.”

- Darren

“Storeplan has been great to deal with. Their customer service and the quality of their products are first class. It has been a pleasure to deal with Storeplan and would recommend them to anyone. A great price and great service, you cannot ask for anymore than that.”

- Brendan

“I would like to express that the job you have done was beyond all expectations you and the boys have done a wonderful job and all
of the staff are rapt with the flooring and racking. Could you please pass on our gratitude to all involved job well done.”

- Craig