Mercedes Benz – Seven Hills & Castle Hill

Storeplan was engaged to Design, Supply and Install high end Storage Systems to two separate facilities for Mercedes Benz – Seven Hills & Castle Hill sites.

Our scope for Mercedes Benz involved a 500m2 two-tier R3000 Raised Storage System complete with a range of quality accessories;

  • Standard Duty shelves rated to 100kg for storing items like small parts, electrical components, fittings etc
  • Heavy Duty shelves rated to 200kg for storing items like brake pads, brake discs etc
  • LED sensor driven lighting system to the complete underside of the mesh floor
  • A gravity fed conveyor complete with landing table
  • Remote control verge safety pallet gate
  • Plastic parts bins with dividers
  • Steel access stairway and handrail
  • Fixed and removable steel dividers
  • Aisle Signs
  • Galvanised steel grid flooring for maximum air & light penetration.


The facilities also contain the following Storage Systems:

  • Customised Racking Systems to store large, bulky car parts & accessories (ie bumper bars, tub liners, bullbars etc)
  • Tyre Storage Racking
  • Customised Tool Storage Systems
  • Standard Pallet racking for promotional product and misc items

Structural components of all racking & mezzanine floor systems were finished in grey colour to client’s requirement.

Watch the video here

Mercedes Benz R3000 Multi Tier System