Electrical Wholesaler – Oxenford

A complete fitout of a new electrical wholesale store in the Gold Coast – we worked with the client to come up with a design & product layout that would provide maximum use of space, while being able to store the huge amount of product lines held in the store.
This was an exciting project for the Storeplan team as it was our first larger fitout of our very own SUPASHELF (TM) Gondola Display Shelving.

This project included:
– 156 bays of SUPASHELF Gondola Shelving in white.
– Cantilever Racking for storage of long, oddly shaped items
– Conduit & Cable racking – very popular in this industry.
– Selective Pallet racking for standard palletised goods storage
– Customised LS600 Longspan Shelving in all white

The Storeplan team also was involved in the dismantle & relocation of the clients existing storage systems from the old site to the new; we were able to integrate most of the clients existing storage systems into the new design to save costs.