Coal Mine NSW

Storeplan recently completed a project for a mine site in NSW who were looking to organise their lay down area and increase storage space and stock location. The project invloved the supply, delivery and installation of  outdoor selective pallet racking and cable racking Some interesting points around this installation: Before the racking systems were installed our
Racking System

Dangrove Art Facility

Dangrove is a 10,000m² specialised art storage and operations facility for the White Rabbit Gallery, which houses one of the world’s finest private collections of contemporary Chinese art. Primarily operating as a storage space with the occasional private event, the art storage is designed to enhance curatorial activity by providing opportunity to view and experience
custom built mesh cages
Storeplan has decades of experience in catering for the rural and agricultural sector’s shelving and storage needs. At the end of 2017, Storeplan completed a project for a large rural store in Rockhampton, North Queensland. Carrying a large stock of a variety of goods, the client needed storage solutions to help optimise their trading and storage
Sterimesh Wire Compactus Unit
A recently built private hospital in South Sydney needed an effective storage solution for their sterile stock areas and equipment rooms. The solution was a combination of static Sterimesh® Wire Shelving Bays & Compactus Units. Watch a timelapse of the Compactus Unit being installed here. While providing the client with maximum storage space the mobile wire
Storeplan has spent almost 10 years servicing this large coal mine in North-West NSW & building long-standing relationships with its people. Below is an overview of main products used: RUT shelving – Situated on top of the Longspan supported Mezzanine floor, this warehouse shelving system was used for small to medium parts and miscellaneous items.
Drive In Racking
Over the last several years, Storeplan has provided services to this large abattoir including supplying & installing new racking systems, as well as regular safety inspections & replacements for damaged & unsafe stock. New installations include: Schaefer Drive-In Racking for Dry Store – a system to provide a large storage area for same sized pallets
Warehouse Racking
This project involved supply, delivery and installation of 24 bays of Schaefer I600 pallet racking. 12 bays have 3 adjustable beam levels and the other 12 bays have 2 adjustable beam levels…providing a total of 115 pallet spaces on beams (i.e. excluding ground storage space) Our experienced installation team ensured the installation of the racking

Food Retailer

Storeplan has recently completed another successful installation of the Gondola Display Shelving! The client called on us as he needed someone with efficient and reliable service to assist him with his store shelving. This was a new business opportunity and Storeplan was ready to help him out. By listening to Mark’s exact needs we worked
After supplying this client with 40 bays of Super 123 and 6 bays of Longspan shelving for their warehouse – they called us back 2 years later, to solve yet another storage problem! This time it was to supply, deliver and install a Structural Steel Mezzanine Floor. The system features a sliding pallet gate that allow ease
Compactus Unit Filing System
Project overview: This job involved the setting up of an office for a local building contractor. They needed a compact storage solution for their files, so we provided them with an ideal 9 bay Storeplan Mobile Shelving System, also known as  the compactus unit. This system gave them a total of 56.7 lineal metres of
Selective Pallet Racking
Project Overview Supplied, delivered  & installed by Storeplan, the I600 selective pallet racking (galvanised frames and orange beams) was ready to go in only four days! The Storeplan installation team worked in with the rural store staff to ensure very little disruption to existing operations.  254 pallet spaces on beams 82 pallet spaces on ground Mixed
Project Overview:- Design, Supply, Delivery & Installation of 67 Bays RUT Steel Shelving in the Parts Store & Repairs/Tools Store of a large car dealership in Northern NSW. All bays were ‘open’ style with cross-bracing straps used instead of back panel sheets. The system provided a UDL of 100kg/shelf & a maximum bay load of