Adding a Mezzanine to increase storage space!

Are you  installing a Raised Storage Platform to increase space? 

Are you thinking… What is a Mezzanine Floor? How can I use more Air Space?

Read on, we have some answers for you!

 A mezzanine or raised storage platform is a structure supported by free-standing steel columns or shelving/racking system. Mezzanine’s or Raised Floors are most commonly used in warehouses or commercial buildings & can have the capacity to support offices, pallet storage, more shelving/racking or just ‘bits & pieces’ you need to get out of the way.

Installing a mezzanine is a very cost-effective way to increase floor space in your warehouse or factory without taking up precious room on the floor.

A mezzanine is a great place to store slow-moving stock/products or equipment that is rarely used…and the best thing is, they can be reconfigured later on to accommodate changes in requirements.

A few points to keep in mind when building a mezzanine:

Understand your requirements: Think about what you’ll be using it for & the weight & size of items. Also think about how you plan to access it & if you’ll be hand loading items onto the floor…would a full stairway be better or just an access ladder?

Measure Twice, Build Once: Once you’ve thought about requirements, it’s a good idea to do a few measure to ensure everything is accurate rather than having to re-build. Keep in mind clearance underneath the floor & the ceiling height as well.

Building Codes: Depending on where you are, different councils have different regulations on how/where mezzanine’s can be built. Also keep in mind WHS requirements such as fire escapes etc.

If you’re unsure of what you need & how to build it, give us a call & we’ll be glad to help! 1300 551 281.